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Random Seafood Facts


We are so accustomed in consuming seafood every day that we probably don’t even bother knowing what we eat. A fish is a fish, a shrimp is a shrimp, and a crab is a crab. You are probably thinking, these are treasures from the sea and good to eat, and that’s all I should know.

Great Places to Eat Seafood in Manila


Filipinos love their seafood. As a country made up of more than 7,000 islands obviously surrounded by water, it is a no-brainer that seafood is part of the Filipino’s diet. Since the Filipinos know their seafood well and hold it in high regard, they expect the highest quality when it comes to the preparation and the cooking.

The Black Tiger Prawn


Most of us don’t know this, but all shrimp are not the same. There are more than 300 species of shrimp in the world, and each variety of shrimp have their own flavor, texture, cooking time, and cooking method. Let us get to know one kind, the one specie common in markets and groceries worldwide: the black tiger prawn.

Go for Seafood: It's Healthier than You Think


Health Benefits of Seafood

Eating healthy food is getting to be a trend nowadays. With the rising concern on keeping one’s well-being of high importance, people either go for salads or white meat to avoid fatty oils. Others prefer seafood because of its variety and best chosen for light meals.


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