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  • Our Story

    We are die hard seafood lovers, and we want to share that!

    Our Story

    Call it FATE that quite a few of us in the FreshOnline team are either born in a fishing village that has the privilege of enjoying the day’s freshest catch, almost as soon as it was out of the water; Or grew up in a seafood-loving family that would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    “We are die hard seafood lovers, and we want to share that!”

    Why Freshonline?

    Seafood is affordable at its place of origin (yes, we were the lucky ones growing up with that!) but becomes prohibitive in pricing as it goes through the many layers of cold storage, transportation and distribution before it ends up on your dining table. When we looked online, nobody was offering seafood delivery services here in the Philippines. If they did, the selection was very limited. That ultimately led to the birth of FreshOnline.

    “We are very passionate seafood lovers,” says Eleen Kee, FreshOnline’s founder. “Because of our love of seafood, it is our goal to offer everyone affordable, high quality seafood.” By cutting through the seafood distribution chain, we hope to get all the savings back to the seafood fans.

    From Hook to Table

    Why is FreshOnline so affordable? Leveraging on our long withstanding network relationships, we work tirelessly with fishermen and suppliers to secure best seafood at source, flash frozen to seal the quality and bring the seafood directly to you, without the need for a middleman. This is so our premium seafood selection remains fresh and affordable, and we want you to sit back comfortably and enjoy the great purchase at your fingertips, at your convenience.

    The Healthiest Catch On-the-Go

    People deserve to eat better, especially when we are all working so hard to lead a better life!

    At FreshOnline, we want to make eating healthy seafood an easy option and in today’s fast-paced world, the importance of convenience is key. This is why we do all the dirty work for you: we will scour the markets for the freshest catch, dress, clean, scale and de-vein the seafood, packed in cooking size portion and specially prepared sauces, so that when it reaches you, all you need to do is fire up and cook!

    Come join our big seafood family, whether you are aspiring to move to a healthy diet, or simply want to look beyond the temporary, unhealthy fix of fast food, or if you have moved away from homes to the city to work, we are certain that you can find and enjoy the same lovingly prepared and delicious seafood you miss having at home.

    “Fresh Seafood, Great Value, Get it Online!”

  • Our Goal

    Affordable great seafood, Cook with ease

    Our Goal

    Affordable Great Seafood Selection

    At FreshOnline, our promise to you is simple: We deliver great seafood at your convenience, at a price you can afford, straight from the source. The Philippines is an archipelago that hosts some of the best seafood in the world, and FreshOnline aims to make it more readily available to people in the cities who have no access to fresh seafood. And what’s more, we are constantly on the lookout for highly prized sea treasures from around the world so that you do not have to travel far or wait till a holiday vacation to try that!

    FreshOnline carries more than 50 different kinds of seafood, including fish, shrimp, squids, shellfish, and hard-to-find gourmet selections of premium imported crabs, scallops and geoduck clams. To top it off, we even offer canned luxury seafood as well as sweet desserts to excite your taste buds!

    FreshOnline is undisputedly your one-stop online seafood store at your service, anytime, anywhere.

    No-Mess Handling

    When you think about purchasing the best seafood, it entails waking up early to go to the smelliest wet market in order to choose good seafood, the added hassle of stinking up the kitchen with a lingering fishy odor, and messy remains to be disposed properly before you are ready to cook it! We know it’s tiring, especially after a day’s work in the office. Now that is history, because we deliver the choicest cuts of your seafood gutted, scaled, dress, de-vein ready to be cook with prepared sauces, right to your doorstep – simply with one click.

    Cooking Seafood with Ease

    “I remember those times that my two nieces were schooling and staying with me in Singapore, I truly wanted so badly to cook their favorite Chili crab and curry prawns, and gosh, it was so hard trying to replicate my mum’s flavor, I gave up trying in the end and took them to a seafood restaurant instead!” Recounts Eleen Kee, the founder of FreshOnline.

    Sounds familiar? We truly share your sentiments and we find you solutions. At FreshOnline, we strive to always innovate and explore to provide you with an array of seafood recipes, and offer advice from experts for cooking tips that you can easily try it on your own. If you think it can’t get any better, stay tuned for our soon-to-be launched wide range of signature pre-packed sauces in different flavors to suit each of your seafood!

    We have come a long way. The journey to bring the highest quality seafood delivered to your doorstep at a price that brings a big smile to your face is certainly worthwhile! After your first order with FreshOnline, we think you'll agree.

    Thank you for making our dream come true!

  • Our Promise

    Relax and enjoy your seafood, with a big smile

    Our Promise

    Relax and Enjoy your seafood, with a big smile

    FreshOnline was created by a bunch of passionate seafood lovers who simply want to share that love with everyone. Our suppliers are strategically located within Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao islands, armed with state-of-the-art processing technology and storage facilities to support the freshest harvest collected from numerous buying points throughout the Philippines on a daily basis. In addition, our team scouts the world tirelessly to source the freshest, world-class seafood produce and bring it to your table, at your convenience, with an attractive price tag! We partner directly at the source to ensure a consistent supply of safe and fresh premium quality seafood throughout the year.

    At FreshOnline, we offer fresh, and flash-frozen seafood. We use one of the leading industry standard freezing processes to seal in peak flavor and freshness, perfectly preserving its optimum taste and texture for months. After this strategic freezing process, we vacuum seal and label your items to lock in the fresh seafood flavor. We want your seafood to arrive fresh, cold, and delicious!

    At FreshOnline, you are family and ensuring your dining pleasure is our first priority. Every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 24 hours of your delivery and we will work with you to make it right or give you a refund. We hope this guarantee allows you to shop with confidence in our quality, and in our commitment to serve you.

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  • Our People

    Our People

    Passionate and Committed

    The birth of “FreshOnline” stems from our founding team’s love of seafood. Our goal is simple: we want everyone to be as lucky as we are, to savor this delicious and healthiest choice of food ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, as a result of our hard work! We are committed to continuously partner up with the direct source suppliers, cutting through the traditional multi-layer distributions, crediting the savings to our ever-growing family at FreshOnline. Our passion and strong beliefs have paid off tremendously, thanks in part to the seasoned industry hands who have helped our young team along the way to make this dream possible. We will always be grateful!

    Learn, Innovate and Have Fun

    At FreshOnline, our role is not to just deliver the seafood you desire, it’s about being in a big seafood-loving family as we learn, innovate and share loads of fun and love for the treasures from the sea. For instance, the inspiration for pre-mixed sauces to cook our seafood came from a team of young photographers that we worked with. When photographing our salmon, they commented, “If only we knew how to cook this perfectly, then we wouldn’t have to go to restaurants and pay triple the price for it!” The next thing you know, our recipe team was on the phone with up-and-coming chefs to start collaborating, so watch out for our signature pre-mixed sauces for our seafood range!

    Talk to us, help us learn more about what you read, hear and see. Send us stories and sights on seafood as you travel domestically and internationally. The FreshOnline team will always be here to learn, share, innovate and execute, in the most fun way possible!

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